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Well, look no further because you have found Florida’s most trusted and respected auto glass service company. For over a decade we have been the Go-To shop for all your chip repair and full replacements. Certified and insurance compliant Auto Glass America is here to help you with all of your windshield needs. We go above and beyond to provide a better experience, this includes from the first initial call to a 100% finished service. One noteworthy distinction that customers love is that we only use “Premium Quality” quality glass and adhesive materials and offer a lifetime warranty on all of the work we perform.

Driving with a damaged windshield can reduce the overall strength and integrity of the frame. This can increase vehicle damage and personal injury if an auto accident were to occur. Our certified technicians are experts in removing damaged windshield. Our team takes pride and ensures Florida Highway Safety by staying up to date with the latest manufacture specs and service tools.

Making Repairs & Replacements Convenient –

We have strong relations with many insurance companies that can expedite the process of having your cost of windshield covered. We work with all major auto insurance companies and have a faster process to bill your insurance company directly. Many drivers are not sure if they are covered for a free-windshield replacement Fort Myers and that is okay. Our friendly staff will do all communication needed to figure this out and make the entire process convenient for you.

Fort Myers Windshield Replacement Glass Experts!

We are capable of providing auto glass replacements to nearly all makes, models and year. Our Auto Glass America professionals use the latest car database to minimize common mistakes that many companies do such as arriving with the wrong glass or using cheaper quality glass because they do not have a premium Premium Quality replacement in stock. Our warehouse holds thousands of windshields which reduces the time needed to replace your windshield, giving you a peace of mind and more importantly back on the road faster.

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